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OPFEEL is the new Squash Brand of Decathlon.
Our products are designed in France.

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Opfeel Squash Brand


Opfeel comes from the fusion of the words OPTIMUM and FEELING which means Optimum Sensation !

Squash is a sport of power and precision that requires constant adjustment. You have to adapt yourself to the ball, to the trajectory, to your opponent. Moreover Squash is a sport of sensation, needed to achieve volley, drop shot and nick shot !

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About us

We design Exclusive squash products, made in France.
Beyond our products, Opfeel is first of all a team of men and women keen on Squash which daily work for your well being.

Designers, Product Engineers, Product Managers are listening to you, to your needs in order to design products which will make you feel good when you play. From initiaion to competition, you will be able to find our product in Decathlon stores

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Camille Serme our Opfeel Ambassador

Our Ambassador, Camille Serme

Camille Serme, world number 4 has been our technical partner for now 2 years. She helps us in the development of our products thanks to her great experience of the products and of course thanks to her professionalism.
We are very proud of this cooperation.

We also have technical partners in France, United Kingdom, Egypt and India.

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