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OPFEEL is above all a team of men and women very keen on squash who work daily for your well being.

Team Opfeel Why Opfeel ?
Squash rackets design

Designers, Product Engineers, Product Managers are listening to you and to to your needs in order to design products which will make you feel good when you play.

Squash rackets 3D design

Products for ALL

From initiation to competition you can find all our products in decathlon stores and on Our products meet the specific needs of all players whatever their skills are : Security, resistance, power, comfort, control and above all the pleasure of playing.

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Opfeel squash rackets


We are all squash players, each of us with a different approach, some are former competitors, others are casual players, but we all have our history and experiences with squash, which give us a global view of this sport and of our user needs.

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